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Harry van der Starre

Harry is known by everybody working in the field of Foundation Equipment. For more than 43 years ‘our’ Harry has worked with vibratory equipment. From mechanic to sales and from the small 328 to the mighty 815 and 1412.  Customers will miss him, and we will miss him very much at Dieseko as a lovely, cheerful colleague with a lot of knowledge, experience and contacts. Thank you for your outstanding contribution to our company and we wish you a great retirement together with Marga!

PVE Equipment USA adds Operations Director with 25+ years of experience in the US market, coupled with Dutch roots.

Gerrit van den Bos was born and raised in the Netherlands. While working as an intern for an Aruban construction company at a construction site of a new Marriot hotel in Aruba, he worked together with an American company they had a joint venture with. When finishing up his internship, he was offered a position of project engineer at the American company. In 2001 he took that opportunity and packed his bags and moved with his wife (at that time his girlfriend for 5 years) across the big pond. Initially he thought he would go to work in the US for a couple of years for the experience. Needless to say, 19 years later, he is still living and working in Jacksonville, as he enjoyed the experience.


Gerrit came to PVE Equipment USA with 25+ years of experience in the construction industry, with 19 years of it in the US. With the combination of his Dutch background and extensive experience working in the US market, he looks forward to using his ambition to help PVE Equipment USA grow their footprint in the US. He is excited that he can represent a Dutch company, based on Dutch engineering, here in the US.


Gerrit received his education at University IJselland / Saxion, Deventer in the Netherlands, with a master’s in Technology Management. Before that he finished Professional Trade School in Electronics, and Trade school as an Electrician and Plumber.


As of August 2020, Gerrit started working for PVE Equipment USA in Jacksonville, Florida where he lives with his wife and two young children.

“Life is good – especially on a Friday!”

“Life is good – especially on a Friday!” We are throwing it back to a great shot of our Woltman 90DR, drilling displacement piles for a great client of ours. This was one of two Woltman 90DR rigs on a job in Texas. Equipped with a powerful CAT-18 and 755 HP, this rig with a max. leader length of 118 ft, is firstly a production monster! Give us a call to explore our rental options for this machine. 904-765-6686

PVE 40VM in Texas!


Reduced vibrations are an important risk mitigating property in driving piles.
In South Texas, KV Power is installing a new 138KV transmission line along a major highway, through Port Isabel and Laguna Vista to connect the Port Isabel substation to the Causeway Substation leading to South Padre Island and continuing through the resort community to the Sunchase substation . The foundation piles for the transmission line range in diameter from 76” to 32” with varying weights and length up to 75’.
PVE Equipment USA has supplied our client with a 40VM vibratory hammer and PVE 800 Power pack to drive these piles in varying soil conditions from silty sands to fat clays and with existing utilities less than 1 ft from the new structure.
With our Variable Moment technology, our client can reduce harmful vibrations during the start and stop of our vibratory hammer using this technology which is much safer and less destructive to existing structures and nearby utilities. The 40VM runs at 2000 RPM and has centrifugal force capable from 0-198 US tons utilizing our patented variable moment technology.
PVE Equipment USA is very proud to support this project in Texas as we expand our horizons into other markets in the USA!