Bell Dredging Equipment


PVE Equipment USA is a proud supplier of Bell products, one of the leading manufacturers of dredging equipment. We offer sales and rentals for our clients operating throughout the world. Call us to put the power of Bell to work for you.

Bell Equipment

Bell 100
Max Mixture Capacity: 1,321 gpm
Max Power at Shaft: 41 hp
Weight (Hydraulic, without Head): 1,212 lbs.2552515
Bell-100-with-sand-production-head Bell-100-with-auger-head Bell 100 with cutter head Bell-100-with-flat-barge-head

Bell 150
Max Mixture Capacity: 2,201 gpm
Max Power at Shaft: 102 hp
Weight (Hydraulic, without Head): 2,094 lbs.
Bell-150-with-sand-production-head Bell-150-with-auger-head Bell-150-with-cutter-head Bell-150-with-flat-barge-head

Bell 200
Max Mixture Capacity: 3,523 gpm
Max Power at Shaft: 150 hp
Weight (Hydraulic, without Head): 2,645 lbs.
Bell-200-with-sand-production-head Bell-200-with-auger-head Bell-200-with-cutter-head Bell-200-with-flat-barge-head

Bell 250
Max Mixture Capacity: 5,504 gpm
Max Power at Shaft: 258 hp
Weight (Hydraulic, without Head): 3,527 lbs.
Bell-250-with-sand-production-head Bell-250-with-auger-head Bell-250-with-cutter-head Bell-250-with-flat-barge-head

Bell 400
Max Mixture Capacity: 14,309 gpm
Max Power at Shaft: 680 hp
Weight (Hydraulic, without Head): 11,023 lbs.
Bell-400-with-sand-production-head Bell-400-with-auger-head Bell-400-with-cutter-head Bell-400-with-flat-barge-head

Bell 300
Max Mixture Capacity: 7,925 gpm
Max Power at Shaft: 408 hp
Weight (Hydraulic, without Head): 6613 lbs.
Bell-300-with-sand-production-head Bell-300-with-auger-head Bell-300-with-cutter-head Bell-300-with-flat-barge-head

Amphibious Excavator

Bell BA200
Power: 164 hp
Total Weight: 45,856 lbs.
Float Capacity: 1,412 ft3
Bell-BA200-2 Bell-BA200-3 Bell-BA200-4 Bell-BA200-5 Bell-BA200-6 Bell-BA200

Bell BA300
Power: 218 hp
Total Weight: 61,288 lbs.
Float Capacity: 2,118 ft3
Bell-BA300-6 Bell-BA300 Bell-BA300-2 Bell-BA300-3 Bell-BA300-4 Bell-BA300-5

Bell BA400
Power: 218 hp
Total Weight: 67,902 lbs.
Float Capacity: 2,316 ft3
Bell-BA400-6 Bell-BA400 Bell-BA400-2 Bell-BA400-3 Bell-BA400-4 Bell-BA400-5

Dredging Pumps

Typical Hydraulic Dredging Pump Applications

  • Maintenance
  • Sand/Gravel Mining
  • Mobile Booster Station
  • Mounted on Ladder or Crane
  • Suspension From a-Frame

Typical Areas of Operation

  • Harbors
  • Rivers
  • Canals
  • Restricted Areas
  • Hopper Barges
  • ATEX Zones


Water Jet Pumps

As your Bell distributor, we offer a range of water jet pumps specially designed to supply our sand production heads and flat barge heads with water under high pressure.


  • Diesel or Hydraulic Driven
  • Fast Dry Priming
  • On Open Skid or in Closed Sound-Attenuated Canopy
  • Easy Access to Motor & Pump for Maintenance

Strong points

  • One Design Suitable for Various Pump Heads
  • Fast Dry Priming
  • Delivery From Stock
  • Proven & Heavy-Duty Design
  • Low Maintenance


Contact us for high-power dredging equipment. Our company proudly serves clients throughout the nation and offers global support solutions.